Tag Archives: (CA-GTF-BRF) – Business Rule Framework

BRFEXP01 – BRF: Create Expression

S_S7B_68000060 – (Not available)

BRFRUL03 – BRF: Change Rule for Event

BRFACT03 – BRF: Display Concrete Actions

S_ABA_72000203 – (Not available)

BRFEXP02 – BRF: Change Expression

S_S7B_68000061 – (Not available)

BRFU01 – BRF: Compare SAPscript Texts

BRFAPC01 – BRF: Create Features for Appl.Class

S_PAB_09000008 – (Not available)

BRFEXP03 – BRF: Display Expression

S_S7B_68000062 – (Not available)

BRF_FILL_TBRF185 – Automatic Population of TBRF185

BRFAPC02 – BRF: Change Features for Appl. Class

S_PAB_09000009 – (Not available)

BRFIMC01 – BRF: Create Impl. Class

S_S7B_68000063 – (Not available)

BRF_OVERVIEW – Overview of BRF Objects

BRFAPC03 – BRF: Display Features for Appl.Class

S_PAB_09000010 – (Not available)

BRFIMC02 – BRF: Change Impl. Class

S_ABA_72000168 – (Not available)

BRFAPL01 – BRF: Create Application Class

S_PAB_09000011 – (Not available)

BRFIMC03 – BRF: Display Impl. Class

BRF – Business Rule Framework – Workbench

S_ABA_72000170 – (Not available)

BRFAPL02 – BRF: Change Application Class

S_PAB_09000012 – (Not available)

BRFRLS01 – BRF: Create Rule Set

BRFACS01 – BRF: Create Abstract Action

S_ABA_72000171 – (Not available)

BRFAPL03 – BRF: Display Application Class

S_PAB_09000013 – (Not available)

BRFRLS02 – BRF: Change Rule Set

BRFACS02 – BRF: Change Abstract Action

S_ABA_72000172 – (Not available)

BRFEVT01 – BRF: Create Event

S_PAB_09000014 – (Not available)

BRFRLS03 – BRF: Display Rule Set

BRFACS03 – BRF: Display Abstract Action

S_ABA_72000173 – (Not available)

BRFEVT02 – BRF: Change Event

S_S7B_68000057 – (Not available)

BRFRUL01 – BRF: Create Rule for Event

BRFACT01 – BRF: Create Concrete Actions

S_ABA_72000174 – (Not available)

BRFEVT03 – BRF: Display Event

S_S7B_68000059 – IMG Activity: SIMG_BRF_BADIEXPRESS

BRFRUL02 – BRF: Change Rule for Event