S_PH9_46000080 – (Not available)

SAP transaction S_PH9_46000080 ((Not available)) is classified in the Payroll module under application component Reuse Services for Country Development and runs HR Germany: Statements program SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY upon execution.

SAP Transaction Code (TCODE): S_PH9_46000080
Transaction Description: (Not available)
SAP Module ID: PY
SAP Module Description Payroll


Application Component ID (PS_POSID): PY-XX-RS
Application Component (FCTR-ID): PR00000001
Component Description (NAME): Reuse Services for Country Development


Package (DEVCLASS): P01W
Package Description (CTEXT): HR Germany: Statements
Package Namespace: /0SAP/
Screen Number (DYPNO): 0200


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